Best Street Food Markets in Hanoi

For the Hanoians and Vietnamese in generally, most street food stalls and local markets in Hanoi Old Quarter keep the unique and special features. You cannot find them in any luxurious restaurants. That is why there are many famous food markets in Hanoi that attract both locals and travelers. This article shows some wonderful destinations you cannot ignore when visiting this capital city.

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Discover Night Market in Hanoi Old Quarter

For so long, Hanoi night market has contained the traditional culture of this capital city. Just take a few times to walk around Hanoi Old Quarter and visit this wonderful attraction, you can see a wide range of traditional products and special local food. They will definitely bring the most interesting experiences.

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Enjoy Colorful Nights In Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the best places you should not ignore when traveling to Hanoi capital city. It is a great idea to walk around this place on the weekends and feel its bustling beauty.

Ta Hien Walking Street
Ta Hien is the ancient walking street situated near Sword Lake. On the weekends, no vehicles are legally available in this place. You can see some adjacent stores providing many services such as bar, food, drink, etc.

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